Window with wooden blinds and light grey curtain in white bedroom interior with mockup poster, double bed and rack with books

Window Covering Trends 2023: A Complete Guide

This year, we’re all looking at smart, sensible ways to save money but your window coverings doesn’t need to suffer. Some on-trend window coverings or blinds will help your home to look its best, both inside and out. You’ll be able to spruce up your home and even possibly save some money on your energy bills too. To make sure your home remains on trend, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the top window covering trends 2023.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple, yet effective option that work for any room.

They’re a top trend for 2023 due to their cost-effectiveness. Roller blinds come in multiple sizes to fit most windows and can come in a block colour to create a colour pop theme – a big trend this year – or in bespoke patterns to your taste.

They’re also easy to fit, change and, with some materials, are wipe-clean too. This gives you the most flexibility with your window coverings.

Dark Colours for Window Coverings

Blinds need to be attractive, yet functional. The blind trends for 2023 show that dark colours are back in fashion. The contrast of a navy blue or black blind against a lighter background can draw attention to your windows – the perfect option if you have a fabulous view.

A dark blind in a thick material can also be very practical. The thickness and darker colour can help to block out the sun during the day and street lamps at night, allowing you to remove glare and sleep a little better. A darker blind could also help to give you more privacy.

Electric Blinds

Electric blinds are the biggest up-and-coming trend for 2023. Electric blinds come with two main options – battery powered, or hard wired. The hard wired blinds work by being connected to your mains and are best for larger, commercial areas.

The battery-powered blinds are connected to a concealed battery and their motors can be controlled with the push of a button from a remote control or your phone.

This makes them a convenient option and also gives you a little chance to show off. Their design can work with any décor from luxury, more traditional styles right up to minimalistic industrial designs. The best part is that they don’t use a lot of energy. It’s a high-end addition to your home that won’t cost the earth.

Whites for Window Coverings

Pure whites are back! Over the past few years, people have favoured greys and creams for window coverings but 2023 blind trends are showing that white is back with a bang.

A pure white shade brightens up your room and makes it look a little bigger. The neutral option is also a great one for colour popping. If your aim is to brighten your space with a particular bright colour, then a white background will make your cushions, throws and accessories stand out from the crowd.

White blinds are also an excellent option for letting in the most light. To save on your electricity bills, let all that sunlight flow in.

Bold Colours

In contrast to the popular white options, bolder colours are also becoming one of the biggest window covering trends 2023. Bold and confident colours such as emerald green, terracotta and royal blue are in.

They offer a warming, homely feeling to your room and contrast nicely with patterned furniture and accessories. The beauty of these colours is that you can make your room completely unique, with hundreds of patterned materials available to make bespoke Roman or roller blinds that will be the envy of all your visitors.

If you’re thinking about updating your blinds in 2023, Aquarius Interiors are the place to visit. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can discuss your design dreams and provide the best options to update your window coverings to stay on trend for 2023.