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Vertical Blinds are one of the less common choices for blinds, but they definitely have their place. If you’ve got big patio doors or any type of door that slides then these could be the perfect solution for you.

Below we have some more info on how vertical blinds work and why they might be the perfect choice for you.

How Do Vertical Blinds work?

Our Vertical blinds in Coventry are really simple to operate. They’re actually very similar to Venetian blinds except, as the name suggests, the slats are vertical instead of horizontal. The slats are connected by a cord which allows you to either rotate the slats 180 degrees or slide them out of the way entirely. This means you have total control over the amount of light you can let into your room. The slats themselves are hung from a rail at the top of the window.

vertical lounge blinds
vertical blinds

Why choose vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds used to be reserved for office spaces only. Previously known for their relatively soulless and characterless appearance, they’re often pictured as coming in lifeless beiges and slightly off-white colours. But that time has passed, and they’re slowly making a comeback as a feature in contemporary homes and offices.

As previously mentioned, they serve a really useful function. They’re great for sliding doors and tall patio doors because they can cover them with relative ease and simplicity. It also makes opening them really easily if the door sees a lot of traffic.

Other than this functional benefit, our vertical blinds in Coventry bring with them all the benefits of Venetian blinds. They’re great at blocking out light and give you control over how much light you want in. They’re also great for privacy too, allowing you to completely shut off the outside world.

Our vertical blinds in Coventry are also great for regulating heat in your home. They can reflect sunlight back out of your home when closed, keeping it cool in the summer. They can also be drawn away entirely to allow airflow into a room as well. They also give you UV protection, so if you have anything in a room that you don’t want to be damaged by the sun, they’re a great investment to make.

Vertical blinds have another main benefit over their Venetian counterpart, they stay cleaner for longer. The horizontal slats that make up a Venetian blind collect dust really easily, so need quite frequent dusting. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, won’t collect dust as easily, so you won’t be constantly dusting them!

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How can vertical blinds transform your room?

As previously mentioned, vertical blinds have gone from being viewed as fairly boring and uninspiring office décor to being a must have for those trying to create a contemporary look their home.

Our vertical blinds in Coventry come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. The panels themselves are normally made of a sort of reinforced fabric, but there’s really no limit to the range of colours and patterns they come in. This means you’re bound to find a design that suits your room perfectly. Maybe you don’t want your blinds to draw too much attention to themselves and draw eyes away from more eye-catching parts of your room, or maybe you want them to stand out and make more of a statement. Either way, there’s a design to suit you.

Our Vertical blinds in Coventry are also great for making a room feel spacious and light. If you’re trying to make a small room feel spacious, curtains can sometimes seem bulky and take up a lot of space. Vertical blinds, whether drawn or closed, are compact and light, creating a real sense of spaciousness. Choose a lighter colour to make a room feel even brighter.