Hand holds a remote control to open the window blinds

How Electric Blinds can Improve your Sleep

Waking up to the sound of a jarring alarm is one way to get your morning off to a bad start! A less invasive method is the gradual introduction of sunlight into the bedroom. This is a great way to feel refreshed and will ensure you don’t feel groggy. The way to achieve this in your home is by having electric blinds with automation.

These blinds work automatically and are moved by a small motor that can open and close them. The process is quick and quiet and will undoubtedly make for a better wake up routine. 

Waking up with Automated Electric Blinds

It couldn’t be easier to implement these blinds into your day- they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home making them a simple addition to your morning routine. A huge benefit is how automated blinds can be programmed to open and close at the same time every morning and evening, helping you to establish a healthy and consistent sleep schedule.

They are also a revolutionary upgrade for people who struggle to physically open and close their blinds every morning and evening. Electric blinds save lots of time and effort for people with physical disabilities. 

You can choose to control the blinds via your smart phone or by a remote control. There is also the option to have a wall mounted remote installed that allows you to access a more complex array of controls and can be used in tandem with a smartphone apps.

Roman Blinds

Sleeping with Automated Blinds 

Most things in life can be improved by implementing a clear and consistent routine, and sleep is no exception. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day is infinitely better than having an erratic sleep schedule. Automated blinds can help you maintain your routine all year round by blocking out the light during the summer months, helping you get into the sleep mindset and gradually unwind in the darkness.

Another benefit is how blinds can be used to regulate the heat in your bedroom by only letting the sun in during certain hours of the day. We’ve all experienced that awful feeling of tossing, turning and discarding your duvet to try and get to sleep during hotsummer months. Automated blinds can block out the sun from earlier in the day to get your bedroom as cool as possible and facilitate an easy night’s sleep. All of these things contribute to a night of peaceful sleep without interruptions, leaving you refreshed in the morning.

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