Choosing Curtains

What to Consider When Choosing Curtains

Choosing curtains can be a daunting experience. There are lots of different curtain designs available on the market and they can either make or break your home décor. This blog will give you some things to consider when looking for different curtain design ideas.


The first thing to consider when choosing curtains is functionality. Surprisingly, curtains aren’t all the same, there are many different curtain designs that all offer different advantages and disadvantages which must be considered. For instance, if you’re positioning your curtains in a sunny area, at times you may want to be able to darken that area, such as a living room or bedroom, therefore, you might consider blackout curtains.

These are made for specific materials that will help do exactly what they say on the tin, blackout your room. This is a key piece of information to consider that people often overlook and can leave people stumped in the future, laying awake in bed wishing they’d found this blog.

There are also plenty of options that do the complete opposite. Net curtains are a great way of blocking out the direct sunlight while still allowing a lot of the light to pass through into the room. This can both help with cooling in the summer and add some additional privacy, without sacrificing the visibility in your room.


Now that you’ve got the function out of the way, it’s onto the fun bit. Colours! While colours can be fun to pick, it’s also important to remember that colours have different functionalities too. Lighter colours are much better at reflecting light than darker colours. In the summer this can make a huge difference as darker colours in a bedroom (if you aren’t careful) could lead to an increase in heat. It’s important to remember this when looking through different curtain design ideas as this can have a huge impact down the line.

Interior Design

Most importantly it’s now time to consider how your curtain design ideas will fit into your room. Curtains can be made with a range of different patterns, colours, and textures to compliment your rooms. Lighter colours and more vibrant patterns can help make your room look brighter and more open, giving the illusion that it’s larger than it really is. However, darker and busier patterns can do the exact opposite of this. It’s also important to consider the size. Curtains are available in different lengths. For a window that’s higher up, it might not be desirable for your curtains to be at floor-length, but at the same time, it could be dependant on the rest of your interior design. Longer curtains can be used as more of a feature to make more out of a space, however, they will obviously be more costly.

As everyone knows, buying curtains isn’t always cheap. This brings us onto the final curtain design consideration which is cost. So, throughout the process of choosing curtains, you need to keep this in mind. If you’ve got a smaller budget, maybe avoid the electric curtains, however, if you’ve got a bit more to spend then these could be a good option for you. These are essentially what you’d expect. For people with reduced mobility, they can be a great help and could even be programmed to operate automatically at different times of the day.

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