Installing Blinds

The Biggest Benefits Of Made To Measure Blinds

The right blinds can transform the appearance of any room. Ready-made, or generic blinds, are readily available but lack the bespoke touch you may want for your home. Made-to-measure blinds are a great option for those who want an exact fit and more choice over the design. They give you control over the fabric, style, and shape of the blinds that you want to install in your home.

There are many reasons people choose bespoke options, let’s explore some of the benefits of choosing made-to-measure blinds.


Benefit of Made To Measure Blinds

The Exact Size & Fit

Bespoke, or made to measure, blinds are designed to fit the exact space of a window. Fitting generic blinds can prove a tricky task and although they are made so that ‘one size fits all’, this may not be the case for larger windows or ones that have a unique design. 

Made to measure blinds eliminate this difficulty, having been specifically made to match the measurements of your window. As a result, you’ll be left with a seamless look. Furthermore, having an exact fit can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Better fitted blinds mean that the warmth is kept inside your home and the cold is kept out.


Choice Of Fabrics/Materials

As made-to-measure blinds are bespoke to your windows, you have authority over what materials are used. Although generic blinds can sometimes be a more affordable option, you can often be left compromising on the quality of the fabric used. Made to measure blinds are a great choice if you’re after a high-quality appearance.

They come in a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from, which include cotton, polyester, and silk. There is also the option to have your bespoke blinds made using blackout fabrics which can aid in blocking out light.


Control Over The Design

Just as you can pick out what fabrics and materials you would like with made to measure blinds, the design itself is also in your control. Since generic blinds have already been made up, you may struggle to find a blind that fits in with the aesthetic of your home. You might find yourself settling for a design that you like but don’t love. It’s important to remember how prominent a feature a blind can be in a room. 

Particularly if the window space is unique, then opting for made-to-measure blinds can provide you with exactly what you would like. This is the same for choosing your blind rails, poles, and pelmets, which can be a time-consuming task if you opt for generic blinds. This will likely involve hunting around stores to try and find a “perfect match”, which unfortunately will ultimately be the impossible task, without opting for bespoke blinds.


So, now you’ve been made aware of why made-to-measure blinds are best for your home, get in touch with Aquarius Interiors and get your blinds in Coventry to get help with where to begin choosing your bespoke design today.