Vertical Blinds

How to Wash Vertical Blinds 

If you have invested in some vertical blinds, or are thinking about doing so, you are more than likely about to ask yourself ‘how can you wash vertical blinds?’ Then you may begin to wonder if it is a different process for vertical blinds. Well, let’s put your mind at ease. You can, in fact, wash your blinds and that includes vertical blinds. But how would you go about washing your vertical blinds?

Washing Machine

When thinking of washing your vertical blinds its best to read their washing instructions first. These are located on the label of your blinds. Be careful though, some people say that the temperature the vertical blinds state to use (normally 40 degrees) results in them never coming out exactly the same as their original condition.

Your best bet is to do what you can to protect them in your washing machine. One way in which you could protect your vertical blinds is by rolling the blinds up and placing them in an empty pillowcase. As well as ensuring you select a gentle wash cycle.

Remember fabric blinds can snag and fray with ease so be cautious. And please make sure your blinds are definitely machine washable before throwing them in your washing machine! And if you plan on using a detergent make sure that is also a suitable choice too. Be sure to read those care instructions.

Hand Wash

If you would rather avoid the washing machine altogether, you could go with a hand wash. For this method of cleaning your vertical blinds, you need to use warm water and not boiling hot water. This is important because hot water could melt any glue used along the fold of your blinds. You could place the blinds in a bathtub or basin or even a large enough bucket before pouring the water over.


One other option to consider is to use a vacuum cleaner on the hanging slats through the use of a brush attachment. The bristles should help remove dust particles. But do not use a powerful suction setting in case it damages the blinds. The trick is to always vacuum from the top in a downward motion as vacuuming upward could unhook the slats. Keep in mind that this method will not help any marks that need to be removed, so it will not suit all vertical blind cleaning situations.

Drying Vertical Blinds

Once you have completed the process of washing your vertical blinds please take just as much care when drying them. The reason for this is because if you do not dry them flat you could ruin their shape. It is not recommended to use a tumble dryer at all. The heat could actually cause them to shrink in places. 

You also have to be careful when hanging them, as moisture can get into each slat and stretch the blinds. With this in mind then, the best option tends to be to carefully lay your vertical blinds on some towels and leave them until they are fully dried naturally. Before once again rehanging them. Hopefully, now you have plenty of confidence to wash your vertical blinds!

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