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The Best Types of Blinds and Curtains for Winter

Did you know that blinds and curtains not only provide your home with privacy but can also help you save on some of those heating bills when winter comes around? An often untapped resource when it comes to insulating your home, the way you frame your windows can add to both the physical warmth of a space and its cosy presentation and aesthetic – complimenting all those chunky blankets and cushions.

In this article, we share a few of the best blinds and curtain options for winter, looking at warmth and insulation, presentation, and a few extra features which make life that little bit easier.

The Best Blinds and Curtains for Warmth

It doesn’t get much better than thermal blinds if you want to optimise your insulation. They feature a special backing built into the blinds which reflects the warmth into the room. These winter blinds should be made to measure as they need to fit over the entire window perfectly to prevent heat escaping from around the outside of the blind.

If you’re more of a curtain lover and want curtains that will frame your windows, consider opting for a set with thermal lined curtains. They’re thicker and better at trapping the heat inside your room. The beauty of a thermal lining is that you aren’t limited in options – you can choose any curtains you want for presentation, and just add the lining for its functional purpose.

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The Best Blinds and Curtains for Lifestyle

Electric blinds are becoming super popular all year round but especially during the winter months, with users able to set the open and close times according to their routine and preference. By setting the blinds to close as the sun goes down outside, you can make sure that you never forget to implement that extra insulation at night, with the morning opening time providing you with natural daylight to wake up to.

If it’s curtains that you’re looking for, we tend to find that some of the most popular winter curtains have a built-in blackout layer – particularly in bedroom windows and living spaces. This keeps the space cosy with a feeling of warmth, with our top recommendation being to ensure that your curtains are large enough to cover the entire window when closed to stop heat from escaping and light from shining around the edge of the curtain.

The Best Blinds and Curtains for Style

Winter colours, CHECK. Roman blinds are some of the best winter blinds when it comes to a focus on style and presentation because they fit the window perfectly with their single piece of material to avoid heat loss and can be made from an endless selection of colours and materials to suit any interior style.

For the curtain lovers out there, the beauty of this option is that any material can be made into curtains – provided there is enough of it to cover the entire window and the space around it when closed. This is both to keep the heat in and to present an elegant and seamless aesthetic, not just in winter but all year round.

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