Awning in rain.

How Best to Look After Your Awning This Winter

Awnings can be the perfect finishing touch to your patio doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. They help to shade your homes and patio areas, as well as offer protection from the elements. There is no doubt they are a valuable tool to have during the warm summer months, but how can you protect awnings in winter? Here at Aquarius Interiors, we have a wide selection of high-quality awnings, which have been made using stylish designs suitable for all tastes.

Looking After Your Awning in Winter

When the colder, wetter days start to creep in, you will have wanted to prepare your awnings in advance – no one wants to be outside in bad weather conditions! Cold weather, especially ice, can cause irreversible damage to your awning, rapidly reducing its lifespan.

It is essential that as the colder days creep in, you regularly open and close the canopy to prevent it from sticking – this should also be done every now and then during warmer weather to allow you to check for damages.

The Dangers to Awnings in Winter

The winter months can have devastating effects on our outdoor furniture. The materials used to make an awning are no exception. Harsh days of wind, rain, and snow can cause wear on the canopy and even cause tearing in excessively nasty weather.

Not only can the winter season damage the fabric, but it can also cause the metal frames and joints to rust, grind, and stick as the lubrication is slowly washed away. The awning can only handle so much weight, so a significant downpour of rain or heavy snow may also leave the struts and support arms bent. The average 18” awning can only handle around 160-320lbs.

How to Store Your Awning

The first thing you will want to do before packing away your awning for winter is to check for any damages – this includes any tears, loose stitching, or worn parts that may need to be replaced prior to storing.

Secondly, it’s vital that the awning is given a really good clean before being tucked away in a corner – this can prevent a build-up of mould, which not only causes damage to the awning but can cause a nasty smell in the storage area and can have lasting effects on your health. The best way to clean the awning is to clear away any dust, dirt, and debris using a soft bristle brush – this will prevent any damage/scratches to the material during the cleaning process.

You do not need any harsh chemicals to wash the awning; just a bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth will do fine. Once the entire awning is clean (including the removable parts), allow ample time for it to dry before you roll it up and store it away.

Awnings From Aquarius Interiors

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