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Do Electric Blinds Need a Power Source?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. A close kin of the electric blinds family called battery powered blinds do not require a direct source of electricity. However other family members such as motorised blinds or electric roller blinds might require a little electric spark. We know it is getting a little confusing, let’s dive into the details of the new-tech blinds and explore more!

Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds as the name suggests are blinds that are operated by electricity or an electric motor rather than by hand. Electric Blinds are also commonly referred to as motorised blinds or battery powered blinds. These blinds do not require manual labour for operation. This is especially if the blinds are located out of reach.

These blinds are designed to be motorised, allowing them to be controlled electronically. The power source typically comes from an electrical outlet, and the blinds may be wired directly into the electrical system of a building. There are different types of electric blinds, and the power source can vary based on the specific model and design. Some electric blinds use low voltage wiring that connects to a power supply, while others may rely on standard electrical outlets.

Motorised Blinds

The tad bit of difference between an electric and a motorised blind is that the former requires power from direct electricity while the latter can work with an electric motor. All motorised blinds are electric but not all electric blinds are motorised. The motorised blinds are connected directly to the electrical wiring of a building. This allows the blinds to draw power from the electrical system. It is a common choice for new construction or during renovations where wiring can be easily integrated into the walls.

Electric-Roller Blinds

Electric roller blinds, also known as motorised roller blinds, are a type of window covering that features a motorised mechanism for opening and closing. These blinds consist of a single piece of fabric that wraps around a roller tube, and they can be controlled electronically for added convenience. The motorised mechanism allows users to control the movement of the roller blinds with ease. This can be done using a remote control, wall switch, smartphone app, or can be integrated into a home automation system.

Battery-Powered Blinds

Battery-powered blinds are window coverings equipped with a battery-operated mechanism that allows for remote control or automation. These blinds are a convenient and flexible solution, particularly in situations where hardwiring is not feasible or desired. The blinds can be raised or lowered, and in some cases, the slats can be tilted, all using a remote control or a smartphone app. Since battery-powered blinds do not require a direct electrical connection, they offer more flexibility in terms of installation. This makes them suitable for both new constructions and existing spaces where retrofitting wiring may be challenging.

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